Hi! Thanks for visiting my page. I am a group lead at the DLR Institute of Data Science in Jena, responsible for our Secure Software Engineering Group. We apply and advance machine learning methods to provide software developers with tools, methods and processes that support them in developing secure software. If you are interested, check out my CV and publications.

Selected recent publications (see all publications)

Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Threat Analysis in Open-Source Projects
MSR4P&S 2024
Bernd Gruner and Sebastian Heckner and Tim Sonnekalb and Badr-Eddine Bouhlal and Clemens-Alexander Brust

A Static Analysis Platform for Investigating Security Trends in Repositories
SVM 2023
Tim Sonnekalb and Christopher-Tobias Knaust and Bernd Gruner and Clemens-Alexander Brust and Lynn von Kurnatowski and Andreas Schreiber and Thomas S. Heinze and Patrick Mäder

ROMEO: A binary vulnerability detection dataset for exploring Juliet through the lens of assembly language
Computers & Security (COSE) 2023 | pdf
Clemens-Alexander Brust and Tim Sonnekalb and Bernd Gruner


Currently, I teach secure software engineering at FSU Jena. Course Material


  • ROMEO: Exploring Juliet through the Lens of Assembly Language. GitLab
  • CHILLAX: Concept hierarchies for imprecise label learning and annotation extrapolation. GitHub
  • CHIA: Concept hierarchies for incremental and active learning. GitHub